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Carisbrooke College Deputy Head Girl

2016 CC DHG

I am currently studying English Literature, English Language, Maths, Ethics, Triple Science, French, Fashion and History.

When I started Carisbrooke; I had very low self-confidence. Over the years, I have seen a huge improvement in my confidence and my personality. As Deputy Head Girl, I would love to see this transformation for other people across the school.

Since I've started Carisbrooke, I've seen a number of changes throughout the years. One of the most important moments for me, was when we saved Carisbrooke from closure in the summer of 2015. It was a time where I had never realised how much people were brought together and it is something I will never forget; it makes me an even prouder member of this amazing school community.

I can't thank the superb staff enough for all their hard work and dedication. If it wasn't for them as well as the support from fellow pupils around me, I doubt I would be writing this now! I am in awe of all of their motivation and desire to see their students be successful and making progress.

I am so honoured to be Deputy Head Girl of Carisbrooke College and I can't wait to see the achievements of all my fellow students and the staff in the forthcoming year and I hope I can make positive differences to this already amazing school environment.

India Harwood - Carisbrooke College Deputy Head Girl