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Medina College Head Girl

Medina hgs2015

Hello, I’m Mollie and I’m Head Girl here at Medina College. I am currently studying English Literature, English Language, Maths, French, Business Studies, Technology, Geography, RE and double Science AND I still find time to be dedicated to my role as Head Girl.

A whole 4 and a half years ago I wasn’t necessarily considering Medina as my first choice, but my parents were and actually it turns out that it is sometimes worth listening to your parents! I wouldn’t consider swapping Medina for anywhere else. It is no secret that there have been many changes in the island school system and my year group were the first year group to transition into a secondary school in year 7 – we were the Guinea Pig year!

Since this change I’ve seen the school develop, not just with the obvious changes in staff but also the things you may not notice as an outsider such as the silent corridors during lesson times, the reduction of distractions in lessons, the constant progression in raising attainment and the positive learning environment. I would like to mention the dedicated support staff who helped us settle in when we first arrived all those year ago. They really are a kind and dedicated team and you will be very well looked after. All this makes for a fun and happy school, one in which you will be delighted to attend.

Apart from all of the regular activities you would expect from a college – the netball and football teams and after school clubs, we also have marvelous Art, Drama and Music departments who regularly put on shows and productions for all. So if like to perform – sing, dance, or play an instrument then this really is the place to be.

I enjoy coming to Medina every day, and when I say every day I mean it – I have not had a day off – ever! The teachers go out of their way to help students wherever possible. And that’s why I think this school is so great.

The staff are truly dedicated to support you in bringing out the best; and to help you to aspire and achieve.

Bethany Strickland – Medina College Head Girl