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Medina College Head Boy

Medina hbs2015

Hello, I’m Joe Davies, Head Boy at Medina College, currently in Year 11.  I have been given the task of explaining to you my experiences so far at this school and why I chose Medina, all whilst trying my absolute hardest to not send you to sleep. This does sound like an incredibly daunting task for a teenager, but I genuinely believe, without trying to sound over the top, it isn’t, because this is just such a great school. 

Originally I enrolled at different Island High School, but by the first half term I felt that I didn’t fit in and made the transition to Medina.  This was especially scary as in the first few weeks friendships are formed and I feared I would be an outsider, knowing no one but my brother, who was obviously too cool to be seen with me.  Despite this, I felt at home as soon as I arrived at Medina; I was impressed with the facilities in Drama –which is something that I am very passionate about, or the facilities in Music and Art, I enjoyed the engaging lessons that were taught and I formed lots of friendships that I still have to this day. I was so impressed with the Drama and Music facilities that I took both of them as GCSE options and still enjoy those lessons every week.

What impressed me the most was the quality of teaching staff. I have friends at other schools who complain ‘I’ve got this teacher or that lesson, I just can’t be bothered’ but honestly I never experienced that at this school. Okay, I have experienced that at 6.48 on a Monday morning, but once I’m in school I know that, even if it is a lesson that isn’t particularly something that I’m interested in, I know that it would be taught in an a way that was interesting, engaging and most of all made sense. This is all thanks to the teachers that we have here. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that we have the greatest staff in education. Our teachers do not give up, and will do everything they can to make sure that we get the best grades we can.

However, it’s not just fantastic teachers, we also have great students. Students who look out for each other. For the past two years, we have had a vertical tutoring system that gives each year 11 two year 7s to look after, and makes sure that the years mix with each other. This means that year 11s make sure that the year 7s are getting along well with school and give them guidance through various decisions that they have to make, and the year 10s give real, helpful advice to the year 8s with regards to their GCSE options. I think that is the reason that Medina is such a great school. It isn’t just the great drama facilities, or sports, or music, it’s not the way that teachers don’t give up on us, or the way they give us all the support we could possibly ask for, it’s the fact that all these elements come together to make an incredibly positive learning environment. I can honestly say to all of you sat in this theatre that this school is the right choice for you, and you will have an incredible time studying here.

Joe Davies – Medina College Head Boy