Carisbrooke College Head Boy

2016 CC HB

I am currently studying, Maths, English lit/Lang, triple science, GCSE PE, History, Business Studies and Ethics. I have been a member of the School Council since I was in Year 7. This has helped me gain knowledge and has prepared me for taking on the responsibilities of being a part of the Student Leadership Team.

I have always been keen on the idea of being head boy because I have the self-confidence and belief that I can make a big difference to the school and the students. It will also help me to develop the skills which I will need in the future for 6th form, university and employment. I have always wanted to be part of this amazing school. Since day one I have felt included and looked after by the staff who help us to achieve the best we can. We have brilliant facilities which we are encouraged to use. The staff at Carisbrooke are superb; they are willing to give up lots of spare time to help us excel in particular subjects and really inspire us to do well.

As well as helping the school, I want to help the students. They all have different paths ahead of them and different dreams and I believe this school will help and encourage this individuality. I am looking forward to being able to help the students and improve aspects of the school, which can help students learn and move forward into the future.

I am looking forward to the school year ahead of me, as I really believe that I can help this school continue on its journey to outstanding and will work hard with the staff to achieve this.

Max Hodgson - Carisbrooke College Head Boy